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When it comes to buying insurance, what you don’t know can hurt you … and your family … for years to come. Learn how to identify the top ten insurance mistakes and what you can do about them with my free guide, “The Top 10 Insurance Blunders – and How to Avoid Them.” Just call me (Michele or Kristin) at 720-683-0010 and I’ll send it right out to you.
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Spring Special $20 OFF 10-Step Benefits
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We love homebuyers and we want to help you get into your new home! Work with Swan Realty Group on your new home purchase and receive a $750 CREDIT towards your closing costs and/or prepaid items. The Buyer’s Agent is always free to the Buyer, and now you get a $750 credit as well.
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The GYROTONIC® Expansion System is a movement practice which encourages strength, length and rotation in a gentle, low-impact, challenging but fun way. Moving our spines in novel, mindful ways can help ease tension, stiffness and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, hips, arms and legs. The dynamics of 3-dimensional movements takes joints through natural ranges of motion and allows the body to articulate in multiple planes. This can mean aging gracefully, turning our head to drive and reaching, bending well.
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"Leadership is less about what we know and more about how we see." With videos, text, and practices, this 16-week online course will transform your paradigm of leadership! Get 20% OFF with coupon code: EVERGREEN.
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HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE! High Road coaching is a boutique coaching service that is tailored to each individual client. Create and implement a sustainable plan to help your improve your health, fitness and happiness.
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Memorial Day Sale on in store merchandise. Get 20% off one full priced item (exclusions) and save up to 30% on sale items! Free beer and kombucha. While supplies last.
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