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Admin Support-Parks & Admin.

Position:  Park & Administration Support -Parks & Adm.
Department:  Park & Adm. Operations  
Reports to:  Park Operations Manager & Controller
Location:  Parks Bldg.
Status:  Full-Time
Hourly Wage:  $22.84-$25.84 hourly

Nature of Work
Under the direction of Park Operations Manager (Primary) and Controller (Secondary), this position is responsible for performing a variety of complex and sensitive administrative duties requiring knowledge of policies and procedures, and the use of independent judgment.  Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to: overseeing the permit process for outside events, project management for park operations Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), approving payroll, community engagement, financial analysis, budget management and all other essential internal functions within the Parks and Administration Departments. 
Essential Functions
  • Provides administrative and technical support to the Parks Operations Manager & Controller.
  • Uses District software (Active Net), as well as issue credits/transfers/refunds as approved.
  • Provides technical support training to department staff on district processes and procedures.
  • Assists in the preparation and monitoring of the budget while managing revenues/expenditures and preparing financial highlight reports for the parks department. 
  • Analyzes organizational and community needs, trends, and statistics while forecasting opportunities.
  • Updates the strategic business plan for district including identifying new trends or demands for district parks, trails, and district managed property – Alderfer Barn.
  • Responsible for permit writing and submission, while overseeing the permit process for outside events.
  • Implements, and maintains efficient record-keeping and filing system, including developing data entry and recording methods through Active Net registration and other applicable software programs.
  • Assists in the design and implementation of office policies by establishing standards and procedures; measuring results against standards; making necessary adjustments.
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for 3rd party vendors while assisting in the organizing and negotiating of contracts.
  • Organizes and helps collect bids for Capital Improvement Projects while collaborating with the Executive Manager for proper statutory filing. 
  • Assists with writing request for proposal (RFP) for upcoming projects within the Parks Department
  • Assists in developing Park Operational Reports.
  • Assists in developing and conducting safety trainings.
  • Works in collaboration with the Marketing department to provide Park website updates.  
  • Partners with the Marketing department on developing new advertising methods and promoting events.
  • Collaborates with the Human Resources Manager in developing mentoring volunteer opportunities within the parks department.
  • Responsible for ordering supplies and maintaining inventory list.
  • Assists with other manual park projects when needed (i.e. snow removal, general maintenance).
  • Assists HR Manager with entering district-wide trainings in ADP payroll software.
  • Assists Controller with data entry as requested in financial software program.
  • Must possess a highly defined focus towards both internal and external guest service.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Illustrative Examples of Duties
  • Prepares reports which summarize and forecast district activity for all parks in areas of income, expenses, and earning based on past, present and expected operations. 
  • Assists Park Ops Manager with payroll and expenses processes.
  • Serves as a proxy when requested to represent Parks in Supervisor and Management meetings.
  • Collaborates with Park Leads to coordinate projects and event planning/scheduling.
  • Tracks and organizes sports user groups billing & utilizations while preparing reports for the Parks Operations Manager and Controller.  
  • Supports Executive Manager and Controller for tracking grant awarded projects.
  • Organizes staff files to ensure trainings, and certifications are updated accordingly.  (CDL, and Playground Inspections).
  • Reviews walk-through inspections and follows up on any work orders.   
  • Must be proficient in the use of computers, including the MS Office Suite of software products, Macs/Apple Products, cell phones and basic office equipment.
  • Must be able to perform at the mastery level in typing, filing, grammar, communications and public relations skills; and other general administrative skills. 
  • Skilled in organization and time management.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • Ability to accurately and effectively transmit and receive information that is necessary to the accomplishment of goals and objectives including effective written and oral communication; ability to keep customers, subordinates, peers, and supervisors informed; and the ability to listen. 
  • Must possess strong interpersonal, decision-making and relationship skills.
  • Able to maintain courteous and effective working relationships with the public, county departments, co-workers and other agencies. 
  • Highly defined focus towards both internal and external guest service.
  • Thorough knowledge of modern principles, methods, practices and equipment relating to the functional areas of responsibility.
  • A general knowledge of project management.
  • Strong knowledge of budgeting practices, methods and procedures.
  • Knowledge of general park/adm operations, including but not limited to, operational standard operating procedures.
  • Knowledge of records retention guidelines, procedures and organizational methodologies.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to a variety of audiences, including the district as a whole.
  • Ability to input, obtain output, analyze and interpret data using computers and any applicable software.
  • Ability to prepare clear, concise reports, studies, memorandums and statistics.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, government officials, civic organizations, community agencies and the general public.
  • Ability to use discretion and keep information confidential. 
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment for more than three people at a time.
  • Ability to exercise tact and courtesy in frequent contact with the District of various levels of authority and influence and the general public.
Required Training, Experience & Qualifications
  • Undergraduate Degree Preferred in Administration or related area.
  • Project Management and Accounting Background Experience
  • 5+ years of office/administration experience preferred
  • Current CPR/first aid certification or receipt of in 6 months.