Roof Load USA Project Manager

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Company Summary: Roof Load USA moves concrete roofing tiles from a pallet on the ground onto the roof. After materials have been delivered to a job site by another party, we will send our staffed crew out to then disperse the material at the property in such a way that the contractor coming behind us may more easily install the product. 

Job Duties: The Project Manager provides organization and direct supervision of the crew. Each day the Project Manager will report with the crew to the pre-assigned job site shown on the calendar. The Project Manager will directly assist in the set up of equipment and loading/placement of the concrete tile on each roof. The tile will be loaded using a conveyor (not a ladder). The Project Manager will be responsible for the truck and equipment provided and will be required to keep up with scheduling of routine maintenance, cleaning, and general upkeep of the equipment. The Project Manager will assist in hiring a 2-3 man crew to work with daily. 

Hours: This is a full time position. Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Salary: Salaried pay will be dependent on work history, experience and ability to take full control/ownership of the position and execute it to a 5 star standard. Starting salary $45k-$55k per year with potential for advancement and bonus based on production and quality. 

Requirements: Must be bi-lingual, have a good driving record, be able to pass a background check and drug test (for illegal substance).

To apply or learn more: Email resume or questions to You will receive an email response or a call may be scheduled.