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Hot Deal

Offer Valid: 03/18/2020 - 04/15/2020
Feeding Our Community

We need your help and input! Who wants in?


Wildflower Café TO GO PROGRAM!!!⁠

Call ahead to order 10am-2pm⁠

Breakfast Burritos (Fresh and Frozen) $6⁠
Egg, Wild Potatoes, cheese & choice veggies or meat. ⁠

Frozen bags of Wild Potatoes. $8⁠
Fry 'em up at home with directions and our breakfast Seasoning & Parmesan.⁠


Schools Out BOX $9⁠
Kids Turkey & Cheese Sandwich or Wrap, Grilled Cheese, or Chicken Fingers, Bag of Kettel Chips and an apple or orange ⁠

Adult Boxes: Full Sandwich, regular menu pricing. ⁠
BLAT, Monterey Club, Reuben, Buffalo Chicken, and our Salad Wraps.⁠

If you have any special requests, we would love our neighborhoods to come together for multiple houses. This is a time to limit contact so we will be taking pre-orders for multiple houses, so please message us with any questions. Let us no know what your needs are; we are here to serve our amazing community.⁠

Feel free to reach out to Colin C Kerr Owner/Operator anytime. (303) 818-7318

This Hot Deal is promoted by Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce.