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$20 OFF CranioSacral
SPRING SPECIAL- 10 Step Protocol with Carrie

Benefits of Treatment

Deep Relaxation  *   Pain Relief  *   Increased Mobility
*  Full-Body Unwinding  *
Improved Lymph Drainage  *  Reduced Headaches  *  Improved Full-Body Integration  


What is a 10-Step Protocol Session?

It is a type of treatment that utilizes light touch to reduce excessive tone in the sympathetic nervous system and allows the body to self-correct. It is a full-body treatment that gently releases the 5 diaphragms of the body and reduces compensation patterns throughout the fascial sleeves surrounding muscle, bone and the central nervous system. The goal of gentle work is to reorganize scarring and compensation to greater functionality without provoking resistance in stress patterns.

Reg Pricing for 60 min session = $75
Reg Pricing for 90 min session = $110


Contact Information
phone: (303) 674-9800
Offer Valid: March 20, 2019June 20, 2019
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